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 Fishing this weekend? 

The summertime fishing season is coming alive with lots of blue-water activity on all coasts, but in your haste to get offshore to work warm core eddies, rips and weed lines, don’t take a chance of losing the fish of a lifetime by overlooking the obvious. So before you leave the dock and get under way, here are a few tips from Viking to make sure you are ready for action.

Naturally, your reels have been loaded with fresh line and the drags checked and set. But have you also examined the rod guides for wear or burrs that could nick and compromise the strength of that new line?

Have you also checked the line on your teaser reels, the pulleys and guides?

If you use electric teaser reels or electric reels for deep drops, are they powered up and ready to roll?

If you fish from the fighting chair, is the spindle greased so it turns smoothly?

If you use light stand-up tackle, are your belts adjusted properly and are the straps ready for a good fight?

Bait is expensive and needs consideration, too. How is the live well pump? Is it ready to flow? Do you carry a spare pump?

Are you up to date with current permits to fish for highly migratory species including tuna, marlin and sailfish, which are regulated by the National Marine Fisheries Service? Be aware of local and state regulations as well.

Where the action is On May 22, as 18 teams gathered in Harbour Island, Bahamas, for the second leg of the 2012 Bahamas Billfish Championship, the weather forecasters were calling for windy conditions for part of the tournament.  No one realized at the time that the system would adversely affect the tournament and go on to become Tropical Storm Beryl.

The BBC’s new format allows teams to fish three out of four days and since the worst weather was predicted for Day Two, the fleet was anxious to fish on Day One. With five blue marlin and three white releases before noon it looked as if the event was off to a great start.  Unfortunately, as the day continued the weather deteriorated and so did the fishing.  One of the highlights of the day was a Grand Slam performance from the Viking 70 Enclosed Bridge Fa La Me. A blue, a white, and a sail meant that Frank Rodriguez’s team would receive a 700 point bonus.

Although the weather improved slightly, the fishing was dismal.  Fa La Me added a white marlin for the tournament win.  Barry Weshnak’s Viking 52 Miss Annie finished the event in Third Place with two blue marlin releases.  Top Captain and Top Crew were awarded to the Fa La Me‘s Captain Rob Moore and mates Taylor Beckford and Jon Meade.

All in a day’s workJune is a busy month at Viking and there is plenty of activity everywhere you look.

As 82019 heads toward the water after leaving the building, 66310 gets under way for its delivery in Atlantic City, and 66309 comes back after an engineering sea trial.

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